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C & L Vending Service

At C & L Vending Service, we focus on providing clean working equipment stocked with mouth-watering snacks and drinks for our clients. We have established a great reputation for always treating our customers' right. Our professional and friendly approach to business is well received. In addition, we are very straight forward with our customers and, in our book; honesty is definitely the best policy.


We have been providing reliable vending services in the Baltimore area and surrounding Counties for over 16 years. Our vending machines are the most up to date technology wise. We fully guarantee you a product or a money back.


As an owner operated company based local to the area, If you need same day service just call us we answer the phone and can be at your door within 2-4 hours of your call. We work to maintain your vending machines in prestine working condition and regularly keep products stocked to satisfy your needs.

We service any size business no matter how small or big.