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Vending Services C & L vending pepse machine vending

All of our vending machines offer you a full selection of brand name snacks, drinks and fresh food. We have the most up to date machines that guarantee product delivery or your money back.


We offer a varity of vending machines which will accept $1, $5, $10 and $20 bills which will provide change from the purchase. We also provide credit card payment machines.


You are welcome to make suggestions of brands and flavors that you prefer to have in your vending machines, or we can recommend or stock the most purchased or most popular products for you.


Our vending equipment is energy efficient to be environmentally friendly and to help keep your energy cost low.


Our vending services include:

  • Installation

  • Regular maintenance

  • Restocking

  • Repairs

  • Replacements

  • Product monitoring

Call now for 24-hour customer service concerns.



There is no lease or fee for having our vending machines at your location.

We service any size business no matter how small or big.